Smart Crown

  • Estimated budget

    € 3000

  • Trip Type

    Small group of 5 people
  • Duration

    12 Days
  • Starting Location

    Grimstad, Norway
  • Final Destination

    Bergen, Norway

Smart Crown

Trios 3Shape

Qualident's investment in innovation has allowed for the integration of technology to the daily dental workflow. You take care of the clinical work and we will do the rest

Cerec Omnicam

You take care of the clinical part and we will do the rest! Receiving the scan file, choosing and stocking the right material, to designing, milling, crystallization, staining and finishing, is all carried out by our certified technicians.

3M True Definition or any .STL format

Why Digital impression? : • More Accuracy • Less time consuming • Less chair side • Less materials involved

How to start: If you like the idea or have any questions, our specialist team can visit your office for further details.

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