• Estimated budget

    € 3000

  • Trip Type

    Small group of 5 people
  • Duration

    12 Days
  • Starting Location

    Grimstad, Norway
  • Final Destination

    Bergen, Norway


We proudly offer zirconia and Pressed to zirconia restorations. All of the necessary equipment and materials are on-site. This allows us to keep complete control from impression to final restoration. Zirconia has become the standard for strong, beautiful single units and multi-unit bridges. Because the preparation and seating are very similar to conventional PFM’s, there is no learning curve. Just follow PFM guidelines for reduction and use the cementation technique of your choice. Pressed to zirconia is ideal choice for anterior bridges and combination cases requiring perfect shade matching. With strength that rivals a PFM and beautiful aesthetics, this is an excellent non-metal option.

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