• Estimated budget

    € 3000

  • Trip Type

    Small group of 5 people
  • Duration

    12 Days
  • Starting Location

    Grimstad, Norway
  • Final Destination

    Bergen, Norway

Ortho Appliance


Q-BRIDGE is done by the most accurate 3D oral scanner for implant impressions. Based on photogrammetric, this technology ensures an accurate measurement into the patient’s mouth.

PIC Flags

A perfect solution for immediate loading implant prosthesis with passive fit, thanks to the PIC file obtained by the PIC camera. (CAMERA PICTURE WITH FLAGS) A TEMPORARY PROSTHESIS COULD BE DELIVERED IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS WITH GOOD PRE-OP PLANNING. The prosthesis is screwed directly to the implants.

PIC Camera

The prosthesis is made of high class Nano-composite material with a high content of ceramic ready for machining using CAD/CAM. The prosthesis has a good aesthetic AND WILL MATCH EITHER THE PRE-OP SETUP OR PATIENT EXISTING TEETH SHAPE.

Immediate Loading

Easy steps for implant impression: Screw PIC abutments on patient implants Automatic images capture with PIC camera Export file (. pic) generated by pic camera. PIC technology will help achieve implant-supported structures with high accurate adjustment combined with innovation. dentists not using this technology, will lead them to high costs and production time.
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