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Rapid Palatal Expander

This appliance is designed to expand your upper arch (and if applicable, to correct your crossbite) so we'll have the room to later straighten all your teeth. This function of this appliance is to widen the upper jaw itself. In order for this to happen, your upper jaw must not be rigidly attached to the rest of your skull. If the sutures that attach your upper jaw to the rest of your skull are still open (in females up to around age 13 or so, and in males up to around age 15 or so), this appliance will be able to widen the jaw itself.

Molar Distalizer

The Rapid Molar Distalizer will provide accurate and predictable molar distalization without tipping the molars. This is done by placing small expansion screws on the buccal of the arch. The screws on the buccal do not interfere with the speech or swallow pattern of the patient. The anchorage is an oversized Nance button in the anterior of the palate. The appliance is anchored to bands on the first bicuspids and first molars

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