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Zirconia Crowns

Recent advances in the field of CAD/CAM design have opened a new door in the field of dentistry. This advanced technology, teamed with the high strength of zirconia are creating beautiful, strong, and highly accurate restorations.



Full-contour zirconia crowns are the strongest, most fracture resistant, tooth colored restorations in dentistry today. When a full-cast gold crown is contraindicated due to cost or color, our full-contour zirconia is a material you can prescribe with total confidence.



Layered zirconia restorations are esthetically exceptional and have shown a lower failure and fracture rate than either metal-ceramic or metal-free ceramic restorations. We offer zirconia bridges, splinted single units, and free standing single unit crowns.

Metal Ceramic Crowns (PFM)

The porcelain fused to metal crown has been the standard in restorative dentistry for decades. The predictability and reliability of PFM crowns have allowed them to stand the tests of both time, and technology. At Qualident Dental Laboratory, we still make all of our crowns in-house, refusing to outsource overseas.

Full Cast Gold Crowns

While most patients request tooth color for their restorations, a significant number still opt for the beauty and functional stability of gold. Gold work is a lost art in many labs, but not here at Qualident Dental Laboratory. We use only ADA approved Type II, III, and IV High Noble Alloy.

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